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Our Testing

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Cure-Hub's mission is to make COVID-19 serum testing accessible and convenient. That's why our testing is accomplished with an at-home kit that is mailed directly to your door. We'll provide you with an easy to use blood collection tube, detailed instructions, and a prepaid overnight envelope to send your sample to one of our labs for testing.

Serum Testing


Cure-Hub tests your blood serum for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19.  We test for antibodies because beating bacterial or viral infections can give ‘acquired immunity’ where  the immune system recognizes the infectious agent the next time it is encountered.  This is done by antibodies that label or neutralize the infectious agent. Those antibodies are found in the serum fraction of the blood.


To test for those antibodies we use  GenScript cPass™ SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Detection Kit. We believe that the test we have chosen is the best available test because it 1) tests for neutralizing antibodies and 2) is scalable to accommodate high demand from people who want to be tested. 


Most antibody tests detect the presence of antibodies, but they don’t test whether the antibodies actually neutralize virus. However the test we are using does indeed test for viral neutralization, which is why we think it’s the best!  

Testing Requirements

Before we can send you a test, we need you to complete some paperwork:

  1. Testing Screening Form - we need to ensure you are eligible for testing.

  2. Patient Consent Form - we need you to understand the testing process and consent to the test. It is also very important that you understand the results are not a clinical diagnosis

  3. Test Questionnaire - to help us understand how exactly COVID-19 is effecting the population. Your data will always be protected and de-identified before we share it with anyone.

Testing Cost

For $99 plus shipping and handling we will process your blood sample and test for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Starting on 1/22/22 we will be testing each sample against the wild type (original), Delta and Omicron variants. After testing we will tell you your results as long as you understand this is research and not a clinical diagnosis. Next, we add your de-identified data to the open access dashboards to so everyone can see the data.

Test Info

See table below for sensitivity and specificity data published on the Genscript test page (on 6/30/20).

Sensitivity and Specificity Table.PNG
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