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Will I receive my test results?

Yes, you will be able to access your test results through a secure link on the Cure-Hub website to our fully compliant and secure data system.

Does it cost money to participate in the study?

Yes, we charge $64 to participate. If you choose to have a sample collection kit shipped to your home then you also have to pay shipping and handling.

What kind of test are you running?

We plan to run your sample with Genscript's surrogate virus neutralization test (sVNT). You can find information here:

I've heard that antibody tests are inaccurate. What is different about Cure-Hub's test?

Cure-Hub uses the ELISA method for testing, which is more accurate than antibody tests which use the Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) method. The FDA's own research determined that the ELISA method is much more accurate, and at Cure-Hub we will be using the sVNT, which is ELISA based. Here is a link to the FDA's research into antibody test accuracy:

How do I participate?

You must first sign up for an account on Next you will be screened, then you sign an electronic informed consent. After that you can choose to either have a sample collection kit sent to your house or you can send us a sample collected by an outside source.

Can I have Cure-Hub draw my blood?

Yes, if you are in Oregon and can arrange a meeting with Cure-Hub staff, then we can draw your blood. You will still have to pay $64 to participate in the study. To arrange a meeting for a blood draw, email us at

Can I have my whole household tested and only pay for one shipping container?

Yes, everyone in your house  (up to 8 people total) can sign up and we will send you enough kits for every individual in one package. Then you can send your samples back in the same package, saving costs on shipping. It will be essential for you to  correctly label your collection tubes!

What if I incorrectly perform sample collection, incorrectly label collection tubes or incorrectly ship my sample?

Cure-Hub is not responsible for errors in the sample collection, labeling or return shipping process. You will not receive a refund if you make errors.

I am concerned about providing personal information to Cure-Hub, how safe is it?

Cure-Hub stores your information in secure, HIPAA compliant backend data stores. We have a Business Associate Agreements in place with our data storage partners to help ensure your data stays safe.

How will I know that the kit that is sent to me is from Cure-Hub and not a scam?

You will know it is an official Cure-Hub kit because your Cure-Hub ID# in the kit will match your Cure-Hub ID# on the website. You will be the only person with access to that number.

Why should I participate?

You should participate because your participation will help everyone better understand COVID-19. You will also receive your study results.

Will I be able to see other people's results?

No, you will not be able to see anyone's personal data. Cure-Hub will however display de-identified results for the public to see.

What does 'de-identified' mean?

De-identified means that we remove any personal identifiers such as name, home address, email address, phone number, or any other unique information that could allow your results to be linked to your identity.

How will de-identified results be displayed?

De-identified Results will be displayed on open access data visualizations on

How does Cure-Hub test for antibodies against COVID-19?

Cure-Hub uses the ELISA format to test for serum antibodies that recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Is the study legal?

Yes, the study is legal and has been approved by an independent Internal Review Board (IRB). The IRB has compared all study materials, protocols and information to FDA regulations and determined the study to be legal, ethical and important for public health.

I would like to participate and be tested but I do not have $64 + shipping and handling. What can I do?

Currently Cure-Hub does not have the funding to provide testing for free. However, we will pursue grants and other sources of funding that can cover the costs for those who are unable to pay. We will update the website when we have that system in place.

Will I be tracked if I participate?

No, you will not be tracked. We will not provide your personal information to anyone or any entity unless required by a court of law. 

If I am the only one in my county/state who has participated, couldn't I be identified if you post my de-identified results?

Yes, and that is a very good question. To prevent this from happening we will not display county or state level results until at least 10 individuals in a county or state have participated. Until we have 10 participants in a county we will only display the data aggregated into state or national results.

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