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Antibody Study Information

Do You:

1. Want to get a COVID-19 antibody test?

2. Want to help science?

3. Want to fight COVID-19?

Then sign up for our serum antibody study!


If you are an adult in the USA, then you may be eligible for our COVID-19 antibody test. The goal of our research project is to provide the public with a better understanding of COVID-19 spread. We can even send you a sample collection kit to your house!


What is the study?


We will test you for neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19, then display de-identified data for the public to see, similar to the map below. It is citizen science and transparency combined into one awesome project. We even give you your results through!


Does it cost anything?


Yes, it is $64 to be tested (+ shipping and handling). We fund this research project entirely from your payment because that is how we can make this citizen science project work.

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