How does the study work? 

The goal of this project is to help you get tested for antibodies against COVID-19, and to display everyone’s deidentified results on public, open source dashboards. This will provide transparency to the public and give everyone a better idea of the spread of COVID-19 and presence of neutralizing antibodies in the community. 

This is different than just going to your doctor to get an antibody test because your doctor will only share your results with you. 

In order to share deidentified data (that means we remove any information that could connect your results to you) we must make sure everyone agrees to participate. We also need to limit participation to adults in the US who understand English and are non-pregnant and non-incarcerated.  

We limit participation to that group because 1) We don’t have interpreters and 2) Incarcerated individuals and pregnant women are considered a protected group by the US Department of Health and Human Services, which limits our ability to recruit them to the research study. 

After you consent for the study you will need to pay for your test. We wish we could make the test free for everyone but this is a completely self-funded project and the only thing that will make it possible is your paid participation. 

After you pay for the test you will complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire is an important part of the study because it could help everyone better understand which groups of people are most at risk for the virus. 

Once you’ve finished the questionnaire you are ready to order your test and we will ship you your kit! 


  1. Get screened for the study 

  2. Sign Consent Form

  3. Pay For Your Test 

  4. Complete The Questionnaire 

  5. Order Your Kit