Get tested for COVID-19 Antibodies while empowering citizen science and strengthening community resilience.


Shared knowledge is power.

The Cure-Hub Team is part of the growing network of scientists devoted to improving COVID-19 outcomes. We’ve designed and developed an at-home COVID-19 sample collection kit for adults living in the United States. You'll do a fingerstick to collect a little blood, then we’ll analyze your results to determine your coronavirus exposure.


Next we de-identify your data and display everyone's aggregated results in open source data visualizations. We believe that shared knowledge will lead to solutions.

If you pass the screening process and pay $64 for your test, then you'll be able to participate in this Cure-Hub citizen science project. 

With your help, we can advance the public’s understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We want to bring transparency and a better understanding of COVID-19 to American communities. Purchase and participation in this study funds and informs this research.

Open. Secure. Easy.

Your privacy is at the core of our business. We protect your identity and health information with security best practices. All data is de-identified before it is added to the crowd. Your privacy is always protected. 

How it Works
 STEP 1:

Complete a screening, sign a consent form and pay $64 to join the study. Then fill out a study questionnaire.  

 STEP 2:
Submit your sample

Once you complete the questionnaire we’ll ship a sample collection kit to your door. Then you return your sample in our pre-addressed package.

 STEP 3:
Get your results

You'll get to see your results on, then see how you compare to the crowd in your county, state or the USA.

We're still looking to fill our first research cohort. Sign up today.

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Cure-Hub is completely funded by your contribution.

Thanks for helping advance the public's understanding

of COVID-19.